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I don’t use my tablets anymore, so, giveaway time! Both of the tablets are used, but they are in very good condition.  Let’s jump right in.


  • Wacom Bamboo pen & touch 
  • Monoprice  10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet

1ST prize winner will choose which tablet they want and the 2nd prize winner receives the other one.


  • you don’t have to follow me
  • you can reblog up to 5 times
  • likes count
  • giveaway will end 26th of January 

Winner will be picked by a random number generator.


I will ship internationally, and I will pay for the shipping. So if you win you won’t have to pay for anything.



How to cloud


Reblogged more for the rest of you, though I’ve always loved how 2D art can produce the illusion of rich lighting.

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I’m a bit delayed on page 06 because of a case of sudden onset computer death syndrome.

I’m a bit delayed on page 06 because of a case of sudden onset computer death syndrome.

I really do hope that helped.

I really do hope that helped.

Hooray!! I’m a physic!!!

Just like the video predicted someone did unsubscribe!

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Basically how I’m going to update this comic is a one page buffer,
When I am finished Page 4 I’ll post Page 3 and so on and so forth.until the end of time

This is the plan.

Page 2 over here:

Basically how I’m going to update this comic is a one page buffer,
When I am finished Page 4 I’ll post Page 3 and so on and so forth.
until the end of time

This is the plan.

Page 2 over here:

I am sick of looking at you Page03.

I am sick of looking at you Page03.

26 Reminders for the Artist from SKMReid on Vimeo.



Here is a list I came up with to keep me going.

List created from inspiration from this journal * :

It may not be a great list , but it is something and better than nothing.

1. Stop Procrastinating.

This is one of the top keys to getting better; Stop Procrastinating! Say it! STOP PROCRASTINATING. This deadly lazy disease runs within all artist at one point, and you are the one who can control it! If you stopped drawing because your lazy or “don’t feel like it” , where are you going to get? No where. This is what you need to do before you arrive into the Art Industry / Multimedia world, because you will have deadlines, and that is some serious business. Deadlines don’t play.

2. Practice ; draw everyday.

Of course! Doodle or sketch something in your notebook atleast. Even if you don’t have ideas, draw something in front of you! There is always something to draw. The more you draw, the more you know. When it comes to practice, first draw how you normally draw. Now what? First, notice something that is “not right”, and fix it. Change up the way you usually sketch the body, find new methods into working with the anatomy, or etc. As they always say, Practice makes perfect! or as I say it. “Practice is the key to success”.

3. Stop bringing yourself down.

For some of us who have a low esteem upon our artwork , this one will be hard for us to do.  Stop bringing yourself down , because it would make you less motivated to do work. If you extol (praise) yourself , it would motivate you to draw more! The more drawings = faster the improvement!

4. Stop comparing yourself to others ; Getting jealous.

This is the negative aspect to comparing yourself with others. You know why? (Similar to #3) This will make you less motivated to draw (if you have a low self esteem upon your work) , and will make you even more lazy into not doing anything at all. Your just sitting there wimpering over how you want to become the best like them. Well you know what? You could become the best like them. Not an exact copy , but a great artist like them by getting up and improving your work. Keep this in mind.

5. After 1 month of submitting a drawing to deviantart (or any other website) , draw it again , and see if you improved.

I have to say though , before I go into this , some people improve faster than others , so don’t expect 100%  awesome results right away. But , if you have been practicing , you will see a nice number of improvement. Don’t see improvement? See what you have been doing wrong , and try it again a month later.

6. Draw fan-art.

Characters from different shows , movies , etc. , come in different shapes, sizes , and personalities. With this , you can figure out what body language (pose) you want to put on this character , you will be working with different types of anatomy , and different enviornments! I have to warn you though, don’t draw TOO MUCH fanart, because many people feel like people who mostly do that do it for attention and views. Make sure you post your original characters every once and awhile.

7. Draw complicated designed characters.

If you want , you can try this out. I have to say , it is not easy the first time , but the more you draw them , you more complexed you will be in getting creative designs/ patterns. 

8. Have an idea? Write it down.

I usually come up with story ideas, comics , and drawings ideas during school. And you know what happens by the end of the day? I slightly forget what half of it was about. This will make you remember more , and you can come back to those ideas later, and fix them up in the future.

9. Try again , and again , and again , and again , until your satisfied.

Before I say more about this , not everything is going to come out as it was in your mind as always expected. But try to make it as close as possible as you have seen it in your mind. Don’t like it? Try again. Want to give up? Don’t. If the pose or idea isn’t working out at all , switch it up alittle , you can still keep the same idea.


Don’t hurt yourself! When drawing for too long , your shoulders could get aches and pains. Also, you need your rest for a more awake mind. When taking a break , get some water and wait for atleast 15 - 40 minutes. Usually when you come back , you can actually notice what is wrong with the picture / artwork because it looks different from staring at the screen too long.

11. Look at tutorials.

Another factor of practicing. You obivously know what tutorials do ; it helps you with your artwork! I don’t think I need to explain it here , but look at tons of these.

12. Draw in different styles.

Drawing in more styles makes you more open-minded to other work. Having more styles makes it easier to adapt to other drawing styles in the animation industry, because you know different types of anatomy well. I find people with more than one style an impressive artist, so for anyone who draws just anime , you should draw more western art , or realism. (Not saying you have to!).

13.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions related to art.

I can see why it is hard to ask questions, because if we ever come across a new artist, and ask a question right away, you never know you might be repeating the same question over again, pissing the artist off into a rage, and your just like “fff- omg omg wh- I was just I’m so sorry. ;-;” Make sure you look around to see if your question is already answered. But if you don’t ask a repeated question, it is great to get more information out of an artist better  so you can see what they are doing, and make up your own techniques in the process.

14. Stop making excuses.

Another “your not getting nowhere” thing. Your just going to not draw something because what? You can’t draw skirts? You can’t draw men? You can’t draw backgrounds? Give it a try!!!! If the people don’t like your first go at it , so what? It is your first try , everyone’s first isn’t going to be so awesome. This is for you, not exactly for them.

15. Experiment.

This is similar to the “draw in more styles” one , because it makes you more open minded. Also, if you experiment, you might come up with something you will like upon the process. This is great if your on a hiatus for practicing.

16. Trace (postive aspect).

Okay okay! Before you come bashing me on the head with a bat, I just want to say SOME types of tracings are good. You know why? Because it makes you learn what other people are doing in their anatomy structures. Now, DO NOT go around saying you drew something you traced, and never POST IT on a website claiming as yours. Most of all , don’t go tracing a picture, and posting it showing the artist when you haven’t even asked permission to do so for “your reasons”. If your going to trace , do it SECRETLY, okay?

17. Take critiques.

Okay , this one isn’t my favorite, because I don’t take critcism well. Infact I don’t even want people to critque me on my artwork because I get angry and upset because I feel like I worked my hardest on it, and your going to tell me I messed up on this and that? Yeah no. For anyone who has a bad temper, or is too sensitive. DO NOT ask for critques. But critiques help for certain people because it makes them see what they have messed up on. They will go to fix it, and it makes you a better artist.

18. Talk to other artists and people.

Talking with other artist makes you come up with more ideas. Plus, you will probably become close friends with that artist at one point if they like you, and you two can share artwork, art trades , and do collaborations. You can help each other on techniques in art.

19. Take requests.

Some people get mad at this because they don’t like “giving” their art away for free. I want to associate this with mostly beginners. If you feel like your not ready to do commissions , take requests in drawing other people. It will help you in creating friendships, and improving upon your art because it is practice.

20. Draw them nudes.

This is for people who can handle the nakedness, and nudity of women and men. (Honestly , I can’t handle the men, I blush too hard lol). Draw the nudes for better anatomy of course. Then once you go into drawing in your own style, it will be much for easier for you to draw.

21. Put more UMPH into it.

I swear, I don’t know if I said it right , but I mean make your drawing pop! See those usual poses you draw? Stop it! Try to draw something new everytime. Show the character’s personality through the body language. Draw more dynamic poses, show close ups. Make the viewer be all the “Woah!” Y’know?

22. Draw an original character sheet. 

Okay , I honestly don’t know how to say the topic on this one, but what I mean is draw a character of some sort, and draw her over and over again with different expressions, and poses. This will help you in expressing your work more, and makes it easier for drawing poses. If your making an original character, draw her over and over again on a sheet of paper or more.

23. Draw your emotions.

This one as you people know it is called “venting”. But don’t forget, draw yourself happy! This helps in drawing multiple face emotions, and body language poses. Also, this helps with trying to draw draw gloomy scenes, versus happy jolly rainbow scenes. Helps with the lighting, and the enviornments of the characters.

24. Don’t let your ego eat you.

There is a point where you will get very good at your art, and you feel sastified, and say “Eh, I think i’ll relax alittle” within your mind. You can relax, but you should still atleast practice. If you ego gets too huge, then you will basically not care anymore and slack off. Probably even worse, bash others artwork feeling like a superior freak.

25. Don’t let someone bring your art down.

I’m pretty sure each and every one of us has had someone tell us our art is ugly, or trolled about it. I’m pretty sure someone says you can’t do it. Well nip it in the butt, and prove them wrong! Show them you can draw backgrounds , show you them you can draw men. Prove those suckers wrong! LOL. I’m serious though , don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do it, cause you can.

26. Get Inspired.

Look at other people’s art. Look at animation videos. Look at those colors. The lighting. The poses. You see that? Do you feel like you want to make something like that? Well practice. It won’t be exact , but change it up a bit and think about what you can do to make it your unqiue style. Looking at other things, and mixing up the colors helps with being more creative. Try this out, and see if it works. Go out to the park, notice nature. Create stories. Do you have a situtation that has happened to you? Create a comic about it with funny poses and scenery.

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